My creative journey started when I discovered stamping and card-making in March, 2010. At the time, my husband asked, "how long is this one going to last?" A fair question considering my recent passing crazes: beading, triathlon, cycling, dog-training to name a few. I couldn't articulate an answer at the time but I knew that somehow, this would be different. What I've discovered is that stamping is not just a hobby to help pass the time or to keep my mind busy; rather, it has therapeutic qualities in itself. When I am making a card, the whole world shuts off as I focus on my design and concentrate on putting together the bits and pieces of card and ink. The creative process builds my self-esteem, calms my mind and delights my spirit. And I know that the card itself will also bring joy or solace to someone else one day. At the moment I firmly believe that crafting is a gift from God in my life and I am exploring ways to use this gift in some form of ministry for Him.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Ticket to the Polar Express

Sam had to dress up as a favourite character from a book last week so we put our heads together and came up with the Boy from The Polar Express. I was able to make him a ticket out of cardstock using the train stamp from GKD Life is Good (Theresa Momber) but had to write some numbers and the word "Believe" on it in my not so good hand-writing. Gave him a little bell, put both in the pockets of his robe and voila! Perfect costume for my train-loving son.

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