My creative journey started when I discovered stamping and card-making in March, 2010. At the time, my husband asked, "how long is this one going to last?" A fair question considering my recent passing crazes: beading, triathlon, cycling, dog-training to name a few. I couldn't articulate an answer at the time but I knew that somehow, this would be different. What I've discovered is that stamping is not just a hobby to help pass the time or to keep my mind busy; rather, it has therapeutic qualities in itself. When I am making a card, the whole world shuts off as I focus on my design and concentrate on putting together the bits and pieces of card and ink. The creative process builds my self-esteem, calms my mind and delights my spirit. And I know that the card itself will also bring joy or solace to someone else one day. At the moment I firmly believe that crafting is a gift from God in my life and I am exploring ways to use this gift in some form of ministry for Him.

Monday, October 18, 2010

sympathy cards

I haven't made a card for several days but this is the last one I did, for a Stamp TV sketch challenge. It seemed to get good feedback in the gallery and I know I really enjoyed making it. I've been thinking about sympathy cards a lot actually because I know that some people find them the hardest to make. For me, it's the reverse: I often find myself looking at a card I've made and then deciding it's got to be a sympathy card. Probably because I prefer the soft, cool, toned down colours which lend themselves to a sympathy card, and also because I enjoy making CAS cards. I'm wondering if I can somehow put these cards to good use, for others who do find it difficult to make/buy sympathy cards at the time that they need them.

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  1. Really Beautiful Susan the colours suit the theme very well, well done.